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    About Us

    The Toyota Financial Services South Africa Story: May 2000 – Current

    We form part of the Toyota Financial Services Corporation’s sales finance companies offering asset backed finance, supporting Toyota sales across the globe. We are entrenched in the Europe & Africa Region amongst other operations located throughout major European countries, and so far, we remain the only representation on the African continent.

    We aspire to improve the quality of our customers by bringing cutting edge mobility solutions, inspired by our vison of “creating value by enabling freedom of movement”. In addition, we have a range of alliances and partnerships with local and international partners in fields spanning insurance, value added products and technology companies.

    We are driven by the spirit of kaizen and are continuously improving our mobility solutions, given the rapid change in innovation and technology. Our aim is to provide mobility solutions, in partnership with Toyota South Africa Motors and the Toyota Dealer Network.

    We are an authorised financial services and credit provider, licensed by the National Credit regulator and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa, respectively. Our mission subscribes to the conduct of being a good corporate citizen.

    We are a company driven by the Toyota Way principles of:

    • Respect for people;
    • Kaizen; and
    • Continuous improvement

    These principles underpin our value system and is the lifeblood of our existence. We are Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa and are led by a team of diverse professionals, whose profiles span many years in the finance and automotive industries.

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    Our Leadership

    Board of Directors

    M G Burger
    C N Hamman
    A W Hedding
    A P Kirby
    C de Kock
    I J Ljubica**
    S S Moodley
    G Msibi
    N D B Orleyn
    C T Ruben*
    N Siyotula
    TSC Manaka

    C Low

    * German
    ** Croatian

    Executive Management
    Mr. M G Burger Marius Burger CEO
    Adv. T S C Manaka Thabo Manaka Senior Vice President
    Mr. G K van Zyl Kobus van Zyl Vice President: Sales & Marketing
    Mr. S Matsui Shigeaki Matsui Divisional Executive Coordinator
    Mr. N Daya Nishen Daya Vice President: Finance, Treasury & IT

    Corporate Governance

    We have developed a set of key internal standards and policies that underpin how we do business.

    Click the links below to download PDF.

    King IV Report and Disclosure

    King III Report and Disclosure


    BBBEE Certificate

    FAIS Licence

    NCA Licence

    Plain Language Policy

    PAIA Manual

    Investor Relations

    Financial Results

    Toyota Financial Services and Toyota Motor Finance (Netherlands) publish results annually.

    TFSSA AFS FY2018

    TFSSA AFS FY2017

    TFSSA AFS FY2016

    TFSSA AFS FY2015

    TFSSA AFS FY2014

    TMFNL AFS FY2018

    TMFNL AFS FY2017

    TMFNL AFS FY2016

    TMFNL AFS FY2015

    TMFNL AFS FY2014

    Debt Programme

    Toyota Financial Services has a Domestic Medium Term Note Programme which we use regularly to access local debt capital markets. The debt capital market is an important source of funding and funding diversification.

    DMTN Programme

    Click the links below to download PDF.

    R3bn Programme

    R7bn Programme

    2018 Investor Deal Roadshow Presentation

    Applicable Pricing Supplements

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